Stone wall staircase process

  • First thing to do was to cut a 1×12 piece of mdf into a skirt-board.
    This is the only trim that is against the wall down a finished set of stairs.

  • Then the skirt was ran up to the top of the steps and wrapped around the framing to create a undermolding for the nosing.

  • Nosing was laid down and fastened in place with liquid nails and a 15 gauge nail gun.

  • False risers were ran and endcaps were fastened on top of them to create a surface which could be fully stain grade against the carpet.

  • Newel posts were cut to residential code hieght and the handrail was ran between each newel post.

  • On this wall a hole was ground into the stone and the handrail was set in place and fastened using two rossettes.

  • This is a top view where the hadrail was fastened to the wall and ran between the newel posts. Holes were then drilled to accomadate the spindles.

  • Everything was stained, and spindles were then cut to fit between the nosing, endcaps, and handrail.

  • The spindles were then fastened in place using clear silicone and the boots were tightend down.

  • Carpet will eventually be laid up to the point where it meets the nosing to complete the look of the project.

  • Stone was ran around the handrail by another company and the stone wall handrail was finished.

  • This is another image of the completed project

  • This is the finished handrail on the fireplace wall.

  • Not enough? Check out this staircase by clicking on the picture.