On this project we installed newel posts, handrails, spindles, end caps, false risers, nosing, and skirt-boards. These pictures are of the project before carpet was put down. Skirt-boards were the first step they were cut from 1×12 mdf and they have a rounded top edge to give them a finished look. Next the nosing, false risers, and endcaps were installed. Then newel posts were cut to the correct height and installed securely on top of the nosing. Then stone had to be cut out on the stone wall for a custom rosette and the handrails were ran. Holes were drilled for spindles and the project was stained. Then spindles and boots were installed and secured in place using clear silicone.

To learn how this project was done click on the link below and you can see how this project was completed in phases!

Check out the Process here